Head coach and owners profile/history

  • 1986


    I wanted to be a black ninja

    Age 7 Brad enrolled with his local jujitsu club with his brother, he would spend the next 2 years there.

  • 1990


    "We tried two different kickboxing clubs before we settled with CFC

    Canvey Full contact Kickboxing club run by Dean Mortan and Darren Holland. "I remember going for the 1st time with my friend Tom, they didnt wear any uniform, they wore boxing gloves, hit pads, kicked puchbag and hit each other for real" little did i know that i would end up taking over the club 10 years later

  • 1991


    Open weight tournament

    Brad competed for his 1st time, for the next 7 years he fought under kcikboxing rules on the local circuit

    during this time Muay Thai was starting to reveal itself through different avenues Books, Tv and VHS, this started to make an impact on Brad.

  • 1998


    Ruptured Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL)

    "The doctors told me i will never fight again"

    I was out physically for 1 year and trained with a Aircraft aluminium leg brace for the next year but i never stopped training, even if it was sitting down

  • 1999

    New horizons

    What does not kill you only makes you stronger

    I now belong to 5 different martial arts clubs and im travelling 100s of miles a week to fullfill this desire that has only magnifeid during my injury

    Master Kam and Munkorn Dam Camp both exellent in there own right led me to the path that is Muay Thai

  • 2000


    "Would i like to take over the club

    "My Instructor never done this as a full time job, 15 years in and a growing buisness he passes the club on to his longest standing student myself

  • 2001-2004


    Eat sleep and train Muay Thai 6 days a week

    "After 2 weeks of travelling through Thailand looking for Muay Thai i was lucky enough to meet Arjarn Singh Manat Nakiboriphat an older athletic traditional looking Thai man who i am humbled in saying he took me under his wing. Between 2001 to early 2005 i would spend 1000hrs under Instruction in Thailand"

    During that time i had met some awesome people one of which was one of the trainers and fighters at the gym 'Kim' a Thai man who would end up coming to the UK and teaching at my full time Muay thai gym that is yet to be

  • 2005

    Son-nari Muay Thai

    Son-nari was my teachers fight name

    At this point i taught in 4 different sports centres around the area, i made the decision to open a full-time gym in my home town of Benfleet

    We built it from the ground up, it was just about 800sqft at that time, we built a boxing ring and we hung up punchbags

  • 2005

    British WKA Kickboxing champion

    Offered a fight against an up and coming fighter

    My knee felt good and i had a group of guys around me that could help with the training, i took the fight and won

    When you fight you have to be selfish, naturally if you give 100% in training yourself, you can not give your best elsewhere so i decided to focus all my efforts on teaching after the next fight in 2006

  • 2009

    Christmas day fight

    Thailand over the xmas period

    'Bird they called him, local fighter from Hua-Hin 40+ fights in Rajadamnern

    It went well, i came out unscathed and £35 richer which i gave him